Blended Family Getaway Camp

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5. Resource Plan
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The Blended Family Getaway Camp will be a two-day weekend getaway for newly formed families. Camp and family counselors at the event are going to be very important. Their time is going to be very essential for these families that will be attending. They are going to need to be very patient and understanding in order to help these families cope and feel comfortable. Also, the families attending are going to need to be able to be dedicated to this and give their best attention, time, and respect to others at the camp as well. Both the time from the counselors and support systems as well as the stepfamilies are going to be needed in order to make this camp work and be a positive outcome. Without the right amount of participation
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Some that are not going to be provided and in which each family will have to bring on their own includes bedding, cook wear, and a fan for their cabin if they want. Items that the camp will be providing for the families will include the items that are going to be used for their entertainment purposes. This will be things such as the board games and other types for the children, the items that will be hidden for the scavenger hunt as well as the simple prizes that will be rewarded to those winning stepsibling teams. Also, the snacks and decorations that will be used during the social dance event will be provided by the camp. This will include items such as balloons, lights, streamers, snacks (cookies, chips, etc.), napkins, cups, and…show more content…
First, we will need the cabins for the families that are being provided by the Cook Forest Camp. Next, we will need to have outside tables and chairs set up and made available for the families. Along with this, we will need to have all of the proper outdoor equipment ready for families to use on the camp ground when they are ready. Things such as canoes will be provided by the camp and available for families to use during their time at the getaway. There will also be equipment provided by the camp for the families to use such as corn hole and horseshoe games. All of this equipment will be included and provided for all of the families while they are at this

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