Bless Me Character Analysis

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In Rudolfo Anaya’s portrayal of spiritual and mental growth in this novel Bless Me, Anaya shows a effective meaning as well as he gives a powerful challenge to Catholic religion and the Hispanic culture. He throws in all these of these questions that no one wants to answer because these questions are not really what people want to hear or they don’t know how to answer these questions. He lets these question and facts of religion shape him and let them influence his choices and his mind set. This will soon come into play with what makes him a person and what he decides for himself. II. Introduction Paragraph 2 Antonio is introduced to the traditional Catholic religion. He comes up with questions for god. About why god has allowed evil to be in the world and why people around him suffer a great deal of pain. Over the course of the novel, Antonio continues to lose faith in god after he witnesses tragedy after tragedy with no answers. He starts to question what is the point of all this is if there is still pain, suffrage, and wickedness? Statement of…show more content…
Most people get their religion based off on their culture and how they feel in their faith. These are only a few of the many religions in this world. How does one choose which religion to follow? Is it their background, nationality, belief, or because that’s the only thing they have always known or come in contact with? The concept of religion is a complex one, a concept to be investigated and questioned. This is the journey that Antonio Marex Luna explores in Rudolfo Anaya’s (1972) Chicano novel Bless Me, Ultima. Throughout the novel, Antonio fights a psychological war in his mind about all the religions and faiths that surround him in his everyday routine. The religion we choose gives us feeling, faith, and gives us something to turn to when we need help or don’t know what to do
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