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Introduction Paragraph 1
Lead In: Looking at Rudolfo Anaya’s, Bless Me, Ultima, the readers notice a growth in the main protagonist’s mind and spirit. Anaya incorporates both American and Hispanic culture into the novel as a means of relating to Mexican American people that grew up in a relatively similar fashion to the novel. The main character, Antonio, is just a child in the novel, but he must deal with loss, major life decisions, and the questioning of his own God. All this through the span of several years, Antonio experiences the challenges that should have been experienced in a lifetime.
Introduction Paragraph II
Overview and Background: In an article from “The English Journal”, the author, Dianne Klein, goes into detail about how Anaya
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Anaya uses religion as a way to tear the family apart as well as a way to bring Antonio’s family together. For example, religion tears Antonio’s family apart through destiny. Antonio’s mother wants him to become a priest with strong religious values. On the other hand, Antonio’s father wants Antonio to roam free and stray away from anything trying to keep him down. Another example is how religion spiritually tears Antonio apart. As Antonio witnesses murders, he questions God. Asking questions like, “How could you let this happen?” or “Why do you allow evil to exist?”. Questioning his God creates an internal struggle for most of the novel which, just like like many other people who follow and question their religion, tears Antonio…show more content…
For example, when Antonio questions his religion and his own God, he feels as though he has to do it alone. Rather than the priest help him answer his questions, his own father answers the questions Antonio has. Antonio’s father says, “Understanding comes with life as a man grows he me sees life and eath, he is happy and sad, he works, plays, meets people-- sometimes it takes a lifetime to acquire understanding”(248). His family is there for Antonio in his time for need in any problem he may be facing because that’s the only thing he

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