Bless Me Ultima Magical Realism

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Magical realism is all about the way one views the world. It conveys reality that differs from the realities experienced in some modern cultures today. People who experience different realities can believe in these non objective realities due to their own beliefs. These stories show us the world through different eyes. It gives people the experience of viewing the world as many others see it. In order to be able to portray magical realism authors have to use specific elements to convey the magic in reality. In magical realism, an element to portray this genre is a metamorphosis. This transformation that happens blends into the society which makes it ordinary. In Rodolfo Anaya’s novel, Bless Me Ultima, while Ultima worked to cure Uncle Lucas, the…show more content…
Calloway, so he went to find him. When Edward opens the door to Mr. Calloway’s trailer, a werewolf bolts past him out the door. The werewolf, as seen as a vicious creature, wanted to kill Edward Bloom. Edward Bloom not caring that there was a werewolf in front of him but realizing he might die picked up stick and threw it. Then the werewolf started acting like a dog and did not hurt Edward. The following morning, Edward sees Mr. Calloway suspiciously come out of the forest. At this moment, he realized that Mr. Calloway was the werewolf. Edward did not treat Mr. Calloway any differently, it seemed that the idea that he was a werewolf did not bother him in any way. Because Edward did not seem surprised by this transformation, it illustrates how easily society accepts these metamorphosis, because it is ordinary in this reality. Furthermore, in another short text, “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings,” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, it refers to a character they called the “spider girl.” The story describes a girl “who had been changed into a spider for having disobeyed her parents” (10). To her misfortune, on her way home from sneaking out to go to a dance, an ear-ringing
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