Bless Me Ultima Symbolism Analysis

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rompt#3 Symbolism
Symbolism is everywhere, it exists at whatever point something is intended to speak to something else. In Bless Me Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya, many of the objects Antonio, the main protagonist, and encounters are seen to be religious and further develops his coming of age. Anaya continually sets religion, as the primary character Antonio fights for reality in life. Antonio only sees the Catholicism and the ideals of Christ until his time of purity starts to arrive at an end. The golden carp, water, and the bridge are an extension of where Antonio finds out the harsh reality of the world.
Water unfolds many of the hidden meaning that man needs to discover. Anaya utilizes the water of the river as a method for restoration for Antonio. In his dreams, Tony alludes to the waters of the stream," I must lift the muddy waters of the river in blessing to our new home!"(26) The purifying characteristics of the stream demonstrate Tony's yearning to put the terrible happenings of his life behind him, and start once more. Antonio’s craving is to be washed clean from the frightful recollections of Lupito's death. Another scene of water is when Antonio dreams of his parent arguing about which water he was baptized in and Antonio says “‘Oh please tell me which is the water that runs through my veins"’(120). The waters used for
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The water is an important object that connect to all three of these symbols. As Antonio is to a great extent engrossed with different topic of his predetermination, of whether he will eventually either become a vaquero or a minister. He is engrossed with much bigger inquiries of family, profound quality, and obligation. This progressive change in Antonio helps his development from adolescence to priest. His surrounding that he encounters will likewise offer him a rich and variable arrangement of pictures and images with which to comprehend his own
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