Bless Me Ultima Themes

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One of Bless Me, Ultima’s biggest themes is coming of age in the case of Antonio. Both his parents wish to steer him in the direction of their dreams, with his mother dreaming of him becoming a priest and his dad wanting him to become a vaquero. Throughout the story, Antonio sees the problems with both his parents’ ideal future for him. In the end, Antonio will go his own path. Through his brothers, Antonio see the flaws in the Marez's free-spirited way of life, and he does not enjoy the idea of becoming like them. On page 174, Antonio’s view of his brothers is shown through his dreams: “They were three tortured spirits……” Through his dream, Antonio has seen how sin and lust can consume the soul. The three women whipping his brothers represent the lust that has taken over them, and that has controlled them throughout the book. We see this earlier with Andrew, who goes…show more content…
In chapter 20 on page 223, during a conversation with Miss Violet, Antonio quotes Ultima on destiny: “Ultima says a man’s destiny must unfold itself like a flower, with only the sun and earth making it blossom, and no one else meddling with it…” Ultima wisely tells Antonio that a man’s destiny must be formed naturally. In effect, no one else, including his parents, uncles, and other relatives, can tell him what he has to become. Although Antonio has not yet realized this as a child, the wisdom she has instilled in him has carried with him through the years. Ultima also teaches by example. Ultima both respects the spirituality of the old Gods, but also attends Catholic mass with the rest of Antonio’s family. She serves as an example of neutrality and independence in Antonio’s life, and as she is Antonio’s role model for the book, it is very likely Antonio will follow suit in becoming his own person, making his own
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