Blessed Be Beliefs

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Perhaps the most misunderstood term, Blessed Be has many myths and misconceptions surrounding it as well.
Many Wiccans believe that Blessed Be is just a casual greeting or farewell. However, when we look at the etymology, the confusion is cleared that it means something “holy, to consecrate or give thanks to”. Thus the sacredness attributed to this word can be justified. In Wicca, Blessed Be is used as “may you be blessed by the Goddess”. Since this term is uttered with the intent that the Deity is invoked as blessings in the hearer, thus using it casually can take away the power from this word. Also, in Wicca for saying ‘Hello’ we have ‘Merry Meet’ and for saying ‘Goodbye’ we have ‘Merry Part’. So Blessed Be is only saved for rituals when we have to open or conclude
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Thus we come to few conclusions regarding Blessed Be.
In many faiths, Blessed Be is a form of greeting where you wish good things and good luck upon others. There is no binding rule in Wicca to use Blessed Be as a greeting or in ritual context though it is important for Wiccans to know that it had its origin in Gerald Gardnerian’s Five Fold Kiss Ritual within the initiation rite. Many Wiccans also use/ consider Blessed Be to be shorthand of the longhand form of Wiccan Rede where it is mentioned so many times. In Christianity and other mystical or hermetic traditions too Blessed Be is mentioned and recognized and thus can bind people from different faiths due to its sacredness. Wiccans believe it confers a blessing on the person who’s hearing it and also there’s a belief that the person who believes it is blessed herself. But in actual sense, Blessed Be is used to
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