Blessed Be Meaning

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Blessed be is a sacred term that has fallen into misuse in the modern days. Today the term is used many ways such as a greeting or farewell much like the Christian, God Bless you, to have a blessed day. The term is used to invoke the blessing of the divine in a person during a ritual and should not be used in a frivolous way. Over use of the term in the wrong context takes away the power of the term. The term is primarily used in the Wicca faith. It is used as a part of the Drawing Down the Moon ritual and part of the Third-Degree Initiation called the Five-Fold Kiss. The Five-Fold Kiss is a part of a ritual where five parts of the body, the feet, the knees, the womb or phallus, the breasts, and the lips are kissed, this is meant to honor…show more content…
This ritual is usually performed by the High Priest and High Priestess. Some say that the phrase was coined by Gerald Gardner the father of the Wiccan faith, but it is an old term and can be found in many different religions around the world. There are many similarities between the Christian religions and the Pagan paths for instance, in the King James Bible, Blessed Be is used frequently in verses, meant to bestow the blessing of the Lord. It is used during the catholic mass in a prayer called the Divine Praises. The Divine Praises are spoken by both the priest and the worshippers. It comes after the Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament and is prayed as the Host or the Body of Christ is returned to the Tabernacle. The Tabernacle hold the Eucharist, or the bread and wine meant to symbolize the body and blood of Christ, which was handed out at the Last Supper. In the Wiccan Faith there is the Cakes and Ale…show more content…
Thelema is a Greek word meaning “Will” or “Intention”. The earliest mention of this philosophy was in 1532 written by Francois Rabelais but is wasn’t fully developed until the earliest part of the twentieth century by Aleister Crowley. Aleister Crowley was an author, a poet, a magician and a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. In 1904 while Crowley was travelling in Egypt with his wife Rose, he became involved in a series of events which he claimed inaugurated him into new phase of evolution. While in a trance Crowley penned the 220 verses of the Book of the Law, split into three chapters. The book contained commentary on magick, yoga, Mysticism and other occult subjects. Crowley claims that he was possessed by an entity named Aiwass, who dictated the book to him and that it was going to usher in a new spiritual era of humanity named the Aeon of
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