Blessed Day Speech

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A blessed morning/afternoon to everyone. It is with humility and pride to introduce our Guest of Honor and Speaker, paradoxical as it may sound. Back in 1994 this man was just among the typical high school students I’ve had. Typical, I say, for, just like most high school students, he had some barely passed exams and failed a couple or more. He forgot to do his homework not just once, and rushed a project, as well. He had a high school crush, or crushes, if I may say. He fell in love and had a few love-related sleepless nights. He had his favorite teachers and had teachers from his worst nightmare. Now that makes me wonder which category I fall into his list of high school teachers.
As we fast-track to present time, the once typical high
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From being a little twinkling star, he became what I may call now as budding business tycoon. He has proven that his detour, even if it was the lesser popular choice among young professionals, was actually full of surprises and blessings. For when everyone thought you needed to add a title before or after your name to be able to succeed in the chosen career, he proved them wrong. When everyone thought being an employee is the ultimate goal after school, he then again proved them wrong. When everyone thought it was too big to dream of becoming your own boss, he for the nth time proved them wrong. When everyone thought the Valedictorians and Salutatorians get the bragging right of becoming a Guest of Honor and Speaker, he proved us wrong.
I believe that every typical high school student has the potential to become a successful person, as proven by our Guest of Honor and Speaker. This means everyone can be called up here on stage one day to speak in front of his/her teachers and to ignite the fire inside the heart of every student. Our Guest of Honor and Speaker is a living proof that anyone and everyone can reach their dreams. He embodies the true spirit of a fighter and a dreamer. He is one great example for us to dream big, set our bars high and fight the biggest opponent on the way which is
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