Blessed Is A Full Plate Analysis

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Blessed is a Full Plate In the article, Blessed is a Full Plate, Anna Quindlen explains the importance of the Holy Apostles Church, in New York. Quindlen supports her claim by telling us that the church has never missed a weekday to feed the homeless. She writes this to show what the Holy Apostle church does for the hungry, the struggles the church faces, so that we will be inspired to follow in the volunteers at the Holy Apostles footsteps. Quindlen uses pathos to illustrate the fulfillment of giving back. The Holy Apostle church is a place that welcomes all people, which is hard to find these days. They feed the hungry every week day, and haven’t missed a day for over 25 years, even after a fire almost burnt down the church. They served 943 meals that day, it is amazing how demined people can be to help others.…show more content…
She states, “Feed the hungry, comfort the weary, soothe the afflicted.” The parallelism demonstrates how easy it is to help by uses three-word phrases in succession giving and action followed by the person it would help. These phrases show s us how simple it is to help those in need through the use of simple phrases anybody could follow. They are simple directions that bombard us and leave no option but to help. Because we are shown quick and easy ways to help those in need, we, as the readers, feel compelled to work toward changing the food shortage and to force the government to as well. Quindlen also uses parallelism when she says, “Ernest is hungry his hand bandaged” and “Janice is hungry, too, she of the beautiful manner” This shows two different people, practically opposites who both need the help that the Holy Apostles church provides. These two although very different, parallel each other. This is just and small example that Quindlen uses to show the variety of people that are in need to help. Because of this we are persuaded not just to help unknown people, but Ernest and
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