Blessing By Imtiaz Dharker Analysis

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The miraculous, life-giving gift that is water and its scarcity in this disadvantaged community is depicted in the poem ‘Blessing’ by Imtiaz Dharker. The free verse poem takes on an omniscient narrative voice in definitively describing the lack of water available in this barren land. The tone transitions into one of overwhelming chaos when water is accidentally found. Powerful auditory imagery and clever choice of diction further highlight the lack of water in this village and signify the preciousness of water. The motif of religious imagery is distinct throughout the poem, emphasising the message that that water cultivates life, it is as holy as a god. The isolated opening couplet emphasises the absolute absence of adequate water in this barren landscape. Adopting a matter of fact tone, the dryness of the “skin” of both the people and the land that “cracks like a pod” is illustrated. The onomatopoeic effect of the word “cracks” further suggests of the water-deprived, malnourished surface of the earth and…show more content…
Employing the rapturous imagery of the children playing in the water, with “their highlights polished to perfection”, wet and glistening, the point that water has healed their thirsty bodies and nourished their skin from which the life had been sucked out of, is made. Further solidifying the cleansing, rejuvenating power of water, the vivid imagery of the “blessing [singing] over their small bones” is comparable to a baptism. Once again, the religious connotation is evident in painting this available water with heavenly characteristics. Slowing down the pace of the poem in its last line to savour the moment, a sense of closure is created in the last line as although this fortune is bound to run out, it ends on an energetic charge emulating the divine qualities of

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