Blessing In Christian Marriage

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The blessings in Christian Marriages
This is an important stage in any marriage be it traditional or the Church Marriage/Christian. A pastor blesses the wedding and marriage at large when it is done in church. The difference between the traditional and church marriages is the mode of blessing. Church marriages are blessed by a Pastor in Church, while the Traditional marriages are blessed by the elders in the village.
The village elders bless marriages by calling on the spirits or ancestors so that the marrying couples are blessed with peace and prosperity. The pastors in the church bless the marrying couples calling the name of the God of the Bible. The marrying couples are blessed with peace and prosperity. What is a blessing? Is there a real
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What type of blessings do you value and why? Do you believe in Traditional blessing, Christian blessings or both? Which one did you use when getting married? Which one would you like to use one day if you are not yet married? Will you agree to wait until your wedding day without asking or agreeing with your spouse and not have sex before time? Why or why not?
The truth is that,
“Many of the arguments against sex outside marriage are based on beliefs about its harmful consequences. Couples who cohabitate have a higher rate of intimate violence and usually eventually break up. If they marry, they have a higher divorce rate” (Boss 2008:380).
No matter how the wedding was done, the reality is that the couples may not really be pure of sex outside marriage. If the experience was not with the spouse, it must have happened between one of the couple with a different person before the wedding. I agree with the author saying,
“Allison is just one example. She had been married for thirty years, and although she was a devout Christian, she was struggling with the temptation to divorce her husband because of longstanding problems” (Dr Wheat
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Even if our wedding was conducted in Church, we must decide to cleave or else no blessings at all will occur in our marriage. Our vows must be for life and to do this, we must have a good relationship with God individually at our home.
It is also true that, “The Bible gives us guidance on everything from A to Z, a fact graphically illustrated by Psalms 119, which features twenty-two sections beginning with the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabets. The section shows us the place of the law of God in a believer’s life” (Haddon 2000: 66).
I have to quote this author again because what he wrote is completely true. Indeed, the Bible has given us guidance on everything pertaining to life including how to live with each other in peace and love that is true (1 Corinthians 13).
It is also true that “Christian disciples do not get married in a religious cocoon, totally isolated from the values and expectations of their society” (Warner

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