Art Analysis: Fragonard And The Swing

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There’s a girl in a swing in the middle of the picture, the swing is being hold by an enormous tree the tree is from left to right in the picture we can see half of the tree trunk on the down right corner, and we can only see half of the tree. On the top you can see the big branches and leaves and one of the branches is tighten with the swing. You can tell the setting is in the forest, like in the back of a chateau, far back you can see trees and some sky but it’s a little foggy not much because you can still see. Like I said the girl in the swing is in the middle and she’s wearing a rose pastel color dress, the dress reminds me of the Marie Antoinette era it’s so flamboyant and extravagant. The girl is ridding the swing, and
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On the left of the painting is the tree, it takes up the most space on the left side of the painting, but on the right side we face the cupid statue, which makes the work of art balanced. The most used color that Fragonard used in The Swing is the color green with different shades all around the painting. I believe green is the most used color because of the tree, it takes the most space in the painting, and also because the setting is in a forest with many trees. As I said earlier you can tell the focus point is the girl in the swing because the color of her dress stands out because it’s a pastel pink and some light is reflecting on her. Also everything is pointing to her boyfriend is looking at her, and sticking his hand to her holding some type of hat. The servant is holding the swing ropes and while looking at her. The big cupid statue on the right side of the painting you can see the big cupid statue also looking at her and he looks like he’s saying something to her. On the bottom of the picture on the left side of the servant is the statue of two little cupids the right one is hugging the left one, and the left one is the one looking at her while the other you can barely see his
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