Blind Loyalty In Shakespeare's Macbeth

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The play MacBeth has many themes throughout it. The theme I picked out is that your desire’s can blind your loyalty. This theme is expressed and expanded upon through the entire play, from MacBeth planning to kill King Duncan, to his death at the end because of the blind decisions he made. In this essay I will expand on this by showing how desires blinded the loyalty of MacBeth and Lady MacBeth in this play. From practically the start of the play, MacBeth is becoming corrupt when the weird sisters say he shall be “Thane of Glamis,” (1.1) which he already is, and “Thane of Cawdor,” (1.1) which a messenger is on the way to tell him he is, “Thou shalt be KIng” (1.1) which is very suprised at and he starts to become blinded to his loyalty to the KIng, Duncan. After he kills Duncan, he starts to descend into madness. He has his friend, Banquo, killed because he fears that he will challenge his power. After which he sees his ghost at the dinner celebration that night.…show more content…
She could possibly be more corrupt and blind than MacBeth. Once MacBeth sent her a letter telling her what the sisters said she was already planning to kill Duncan, a the test says, “King you shalt be.” She was instrumental in the assassination of the King, she got the guards drunk so MacBeth could carry out the deed. Afterward she was trying to calm him down she said “what’s done is done,” which could mean that it's too late and they should just see where it goes. In Summary, desire’s can blind loyalty. MacBeth and Lady MacBeth have proved this point and payed dearly for it with their lives. This theme was expressed and expanded upon throughout the entire play, from the weird sisters prophecy, to the final battle when MacBeth was killed, he was blinded by his desires and he paid for it. This play has shown how people can let what they want become more important than the people they are supposed to have sworn allegiance

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