Blind The World In Elie Wiesel's Night

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What kind of world do we live in? In the book Night, by Elie Wiesel, the reader learns how Jews were treated during the Holocaust, how blind the world was, and how survivors’ lives were forever changed. This book goes through many optical and is a really good book to read and learn about all those things. What would happen if society knew what was actually going on in the world? The book explores how the Jews were treated during the holocaust. Jews were sent to concentration camps all around, other Jews were forced to be in charge of them and give them orders, they were called the Kapo. The Kapo’s didn't like having to be put in that position and some were nice and easy on them but others were not. Jews had to work, work, work, and they were beaten a lot. They had soup every night for dinner depending on how they were during the day depended on how the soup tasted, one night they had soup that tasted like corpse because the day was bad and they were…show more content…
The world didn't even know what the Jews had to go through, and what was happening to them and the pain and loss when people died (killed sometimes) or separated and sent to different camps. Jews had to work super hard and if they were not a jew then they didn’t have to worry about getting taken. Once they were taken away to concentration camps, they had to go through this process. They would either pass and survive or not pass and die. The world just thought everything was okay and nothing major was happening and went on about their daily lives or supporting Hitler even though he was the cause of all of this. They didn’t do anything to take action on the matter, some might not have known but they didn’t do anything to find out or help, they just believed what they were told and if they did know they just watched and did nothing about it. They were too afraid that something might happen to them or just wanted to be apart of it and hated jews as
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