Blindness By Jose Saramago Analysis

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Blindness is a novel by Portuguese Nobel prize winner author Jose Saramago. In this novel Saramago analyzes how modern society responds to the blindness of all individuals, which symbolizes apathy to others. While the book starts with sudden blindness of one person, as events continue blindness possess the town completely. According to the narration, this blindness was different from real blindness as we know in the way of infectiousness and its effects. The narrator mentions that this blindness may transmitted by eye contact and it causes completely white vision contrary to the inherent form. After the first man goes blind while he is driving a car and crashes, soon people, who start to gather around him to see what happened, was the following victims of the epidemic. By the offer of a man to take the first blind man to home, the crowd loses their interest without knowing their destiny and return to their lives. Later, the man who offered to drive the first blind to home decides to steal his car after they go to blind ones home. Following, the thief parks the car in order to get away from the police and when he step outside from the car he goes blind. In the ophthalmologist, the doctor can not understand why the thief has gone blind, thus he calls a colleague to analyze the situation. Later that night, he also goes blind. In the morning, when his wife learn it, they decide to call the authorities. This part is the where people start trying to control the epidemic which

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