Blindness In Beauty And Ugliness

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Entry 3: Currently, in the 21st Century, society has become very fixated on the body. How a person looks, their body shape, how they dress, communicates, and even how one walks. The media bombard us on a daily basis on how to attain the perfect body. Consequently, what does this mean for the person with a disability, but only more exclusion. Judith Butler (2010) states that society has a cultural aversion to disabled people. Again, I am puzzled why this fear or pity prevails within us in the 21st Century. The Italian philosopher Umberto Eco in his podcast on Beauty and Ugliness posits that there is a link between ugliness and fear. Society fears it within themselves or from the world around them. According to Eco, ugly people are portrayed as violent, criminals and bad people in general. This repels and attracts us with equal power. Currently, we idolise the classic beauty of Brad Pitt or Nicole Kidman, but also idolise the likes of Marilyn Branson. Hence, there is confusion and frustration within art theory and the philosophy of art in defining what exactly art is. It is interesting to note, what gets included and what is left out. What is beautiful to one person may not be to another. As the film progresses, we see how the disabled character is portrayed. In one scene, there is a huge emphasis on his rather large clubfoot limping and dragging itself across a field, his bulky boot almost falling off. Along with the fact, that he is painted as a shifty
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