Wrong Choices In Shakespeare's King Lear

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King Lear, written by Shakespeare is a play that mainly portrays the consequences of flattery and how wrong choices can lead into big issues causes deaths and sufferings. King Lear made his wrong choices by not choosing the wrong heir to his fortunes as well as not listening to his loyal friend, Earl of Kent who was devoted to him. This further lead to The Earl’s banishment. Selfless and true to the king, the Earl disguises as Caius to protect the unwitty king. However, throughout the entire play it is shown that King Lear loses the most and that when he realized his loses it was too late to correct the mistakes he had made in the past leading to the death of all his loved ones. King Lear in my opinions suffer the wrong decisions he made. First by disinheriting Cordelia, the…show more content…
but death is the ultimate result for both the men. Both men have suffered from their misjudgements, hubris, ego , but still managed to gained wisdom - patience, insight, love. In short, both these men share are they realized their stupidity during their hardships. Both of the men misjudged their children , Edgar and Cordelia. Both the men resented the people who were loyal and true to them. Both of them exiled their loved ones. Both of them realized power and politics meant nothing if they had to be alone in their elderly life. Both the men lost their power to the younger generation. Both the men were thrown out of their houses and both of them die. Shakespeare plays with the word nothing to depict emptiness or nothing throughout the entire play. For example in Act 1 scene 1, when King Lear asked Cordelia to profess her love for him and she replied ‘Nothing’. He then replies back with ‘Nothing will come of nothing’. The phrase "Nothing can come of nothing" is a variation on the famous phrase "ex nihilo nihil fit"— that's Latin for "from nothing, nothing comes," which is an ancient Greek philosophical and scientific
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