Blink Once By Cylin Busby: Analysis

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Blink Once is a thrilling novel written by author Cylin Busby. It’s about a young teenage boy named West, who was hospitalised after a biking accident. In the hospital, he meets a girl named Olivia, but since he had a tube down his throat, and his wrists and ankles were strapped to the bed, he couldn’t move or talk. As the plot develops, Olivia and West grew closer and closer. She would sneak into his room at night to talk to him, creating the system of “blink once for yes, blink twice for no,” since West couldn’t talk. West also started having unexplainable nightmares, and wonders if it could have anything to do with the previous patients who stayed in his room. Gradually, West falls in love with Olivia, but everything changes when he discovers
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