Bliss Cavendar

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The movie Whip It is a film about women’s empowerment by use of roller derby and portrayed through the struggle of a young eager 17 year old Texas teen as she goes through the trials and tribulations of becoming a woman. Bliss Cavendar is supposed to follow in her mother’s footsteps as a beauty queen but the odd, silent soft spoken, rebellious Bliss discovers her own path and finds her place in a world full of personality and individualism. Her struggles at the start blossom into confidence and a sense of place for Bliss.
For this scene Annalise we will look at the moment that Bliss becomes first mesmerized with roller derby. This scene becomes a turning point for the main character, Bliss, as the tone of the movie changes. Noticeably unhappy during the first seven minutes of the movie Bliss appears excited about the prospects of a future she agrees with by the end of the sequence. Of course, there are some bumps along this little trip
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Through Bliss’ perspective we see her mom at the middle of the frame, door in the background, with a smile on her face and asks her if she would like to go shopping in Austin. A shot of both is shown and a smile appears on Bliss, almost surprised at the offer as she says, “Really,” with a small half smile on her face, eyes wide with wonder. The light in the room lightens from the darker tones of the napping teenager giving her a young, innocent and hopeful appearance.
An interior look at the cab of an old red pick-up as Bliss sits in the back middle seat, a depressed, somber look on her face, as Mom and her younger enthusiastic beauty pageant sister sit in the front bellowing away in unison to ‘This is the future.” Bliss is placed into focus as the mile markers pass by on the paved highway to
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