Bliss Island Commercial Analysis

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Frank Rudd and his wife Lisa usually never paid much attention to the commercials as they watched Law and Order reruns every night of the week. They were so used to the rotation of the same seven commercials that it caught them both off guard whenever a new one was thrown into the mix. One this night, one particular commercial caught both of their attentions almost instantly. The commercial starts with a well-groomed man sitting in some sort of laboratory and soft island music playing in the background—an unlikely combination. The man’s name is Roger Palmer, and he looks exactly like any other Joe Schmo you’d see on TV commercial—slicked back hair, shaven face, and a million dollar smile. He looks into the camera and asks, “Do you worry?”…show more content…
I don’t know about you, but I personally can’t wait to go. Of course we wouldn’t live there permanently, but would you humor me for just one week. The whole process is supposed to be very smooth and painless.” Frank sighed. He recognized the tone in Lisa’s voice and knew what it meant. They were going to go to Bliss Island. One week later, Frank and Lisa Rudd found themselves standing in front of the help desk at the Bliss Island Logistics Center. Plopped right in the middle of a rundown strip mall, the large, flashy center couldn’t be missed with its huge neon sign that resembled the logo in the commercial. A twenty-something kid, who introduced himself as a ‘Bliss Engineer’ sat behind the counter and helped the elderly couple. Frank eyed the boy up and down and scowled at his attire. The college grad wore a tight morph suit that matched the color of the sign outside and a rainbow-colored pair of retro sunglasses. “Did we just get in a time machine to the 80s,” Frank joked to his wife. The kid, whose nametag read Joey, welcomed them and recited his memorized shtick about Bliss Island. When Lisa told him they were here to book a trip for two to the island, he let out a sigh of
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