Why Did Hitler Use Propaganda After Ww2

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After World War 1 had ended, the world leaders spoke seriously to prevent upcoming future wars but since Hitler had come to power, Hitler violated the treaty of Versailles and began to make his army. Hitler reoccupied the Rhineland and militarized it with the army. He created a lot of many new tactics and military strategies that stunned the European nations before World War II. One of the military tactics he used was Blitzkrieg which was also known as the "Lightning war" but before that Hitler had to test it on a nation. Hitler stunned Europe with the speed and efficiency of the German attack on Poland. Hitler’s Blitzkrieg or "Lightning war" used armored columns, called Panzer divisions, supported by airplanes and also each Panzer division was reinforced with 300 tanks with accompanying forces and supplies.
The forces of the blitzkrieg quickly broke through Polish lines and occupied Poland in almost four weeks. Full-scale war in Europe started at dawn on September 1, 1939, when Germany used the newly formed Blitzkrieg tactics and military strength to invade Poland, to which both the
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Hitler had used propaganda and other tactics to make the German people eager for war. He used the treaty of Versailles as an example for the German people as their anger on the loss of World War one and their treatment under the treaty of Versailles to make them want to take revenge. Moreover, after a winter of waiting, Hitler resumed back to attack on April 9, 1940, nevertheless, as The Blitzkrieg tactic had succeeded on Poland, Hitler attacked Denmark and Norway and occupied them. One month later, Germany launched attacked on Netherlands, Belgium, and France. The main assault was through the Luxembourg and the Ardennes Forest. German Panzer divisions broke through weak French defensive positions there and raced across northern
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