Blizzard In New York City Essay

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The Blizzard in New York City has reached almost a record level when it was measured on Saturday that the snow dumped 26 inches.

The 26 inches was the equivalent of a whole winter season 's snow.

Unfortunately, as of this weekend in New York City, three deaths have been counted because of the blizzard.

Roads are shut down effective 7:00 AM Sunday morning. This affects all New York City roads. The shut down also includes bridges and tunnels. The Long Island Rail Road, above-ground services and Metro North Rail Road also suspended their services as of 4:00 PM. This also includes above-ground subway services.

Motorists who are seen on the road will be caught and may be given a fine. Arrests during the travel ban are also possible. This was ordered by Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Only those with emergencies are allowed on the road. The travel ban is scheduled to continue until the next day.

The ban will be lifted at 7:00 AM Saturday in order for the service crews to clear out the snow and ice on the road.
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Kevin Ortiz, the MTA spokesperson, announced:

It 's all about safety. We will provide service for our customers as long as it 's safe to do so.

The NYPD has so far towed 343 cars and counted 312 road accidents. Three deaths have also been reported which was caused by the blizzard. One death in Staten Island and two deaths in Queens. These deaths have been caused by shovelling snow.

NYPD Chief of Department James O 'Neill advices the public to not risk shovelling snow if they are not capable.

While Broadway theaters are still pushing through with their matinees, Mayor Bill de Blasio insists that safety is important. De Blasio has already advised businesses to close for the day so their employees will not get
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