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In many countries, conflict between different groups of people is inevitable. In Canada, the divide between English-speaking and French-speaking regions has been a prominent political and cultural topic since the birth of the nation. The most well known of these conflicts goes to Quebec. The province has sprouted several movements and parties supporting the autonomy and independence of Quebec. One of those parties is the Bloc Quebecois. Founded on June 15th, 1995, the Bloc Quebecois has been a hot topic in Canadian politics. Luchien Bouchard, the founder, resigned from the Progressive Conservative Party when the Meech Lake Accord was refused. He formed a coalition with other Progressive Conservative and Liberal MPs, thereby forming the Bloc Quebecois. On the 19995 referendum, the result was neck-and-neck, with 50.58% voting for Quebec to stay in Canada, and 49.42% for Quebec to separate (Gall). On June of 2000, the Clarity Act was passed (Douglas 21), seriously impending chances for Quebec to become and independent country. Today, the current leader, Fortin Rhéal, and the Bloc Quebecois works hard to create a better future for Quebec and Quebeckers. The Bloc Quebecois is the party that would bring a bright future for Quebec due to its excellent…show more content…
One of those arguments is that spending more on education will be a waste, and doing so will only cost more for the taxpayers. It is, however, shown that a better education is correlated to a better economy. Another argument is that the Bloc Quebecois is pushing for too much from the Canadian government and desires more power than they deserve. This is not true; they have stated that they want their fair share, “not more, but definitely not less!” (“Parlons Qc” 15). The Bloc Quebecois is a reasonable party, and just like any other party or ideology, there will always be some kind of

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