Block Scheduling Advantages And Disadvantages

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Ashton Nolan Mr. Bergmann Sophomore Honors P2 October 10, 2016 Block Scheduling Imagine leaving school without a backpack full of homework, that is every high schooler students dream. Maybe that dream can become more of a reality if we went back to block scheduling. Block schedule is school day schedule system that offers four to five classes each day and the next day you go to your other four to five classes, continuing to alternate each day. This has been proven to help students behavior, performance, and reduce the homework load. As for teachers, block scheduling allows them to teach more in depth and help each student individually. Academically, students have higher GPA’s, fail less classes, and there is a larger amount of students on the honor roll when on block schedule. Although our class has never experienced block scheduling, switching back to it could be beneficial to our learning. How many times have you left a classroom stressing because you do not have any clue on how to do the homework that is due the next day? Probably many times, or even every day. Block scheduling would give you more opportunities to ask questions and learn more in depth due to the longer class period. You would also have more time in class to do your homework and discuss it with your teacher and peers (Advantages and…show more content…
It will help students learn about the required materials in depth and discuss it among their peers leading to better academic performance. Teacher too would benefit because they would have more time to cover topics instead of just the quick facts. Academically students would perform better inside the classroom and help our school look better. Block scheduling would be a great thing to consider switching to if the school wants to see their students do better inside and outside the

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