Block Scheduling Interview Report

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Bhatnagar, Tilak. Personal interview. 31 October 2017 This interview with Tilak will provide more information into the original petition that was sent to the John P. Stevens High School administration. Tilak is one of the drafters of this petition and has provided me with a sample block schedule he created so I could get a better understanding of the format he chose. Most importantly, this interview will tell me why the administration rejected the petition and how Tilak would do things differently. With this information, I can build upon his mistakes and provide a more comprehensive proposal. Abbott, S. “BLOCK SCHEDULE.” The Glossary of Education Reform, 26 Aug. 2014, This source provides a general overview…show more content…
However, what set this paper aside is that she provides recommendations to schools based on the experimental results. Additionally, there is a section in the paper which has several tables that show the correlation between block scheduling and exam scores for various subjects such as mathematics, biology, and SATs. Rettig, Michael D. “The Effects of Block Scheduling.” AASA | American Association of School Administrators, 1 Nov. 2017. This article is from an authoritative source that provides a comprehensive overview of the benefits of block scheduling. Most importantly, this source addresses common objections to the block scheduling such as concerns with retention, academic performance, and class climate. This will provide me with counterarguments that I can later refute in my paper, making my paper more convincing to the administration. Wallace, Chad. “Comparing Traditional Period and Semester Block in High School Mathematics: Effect on Algebra I End-of-Course Assessment.” ProQuest, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 2013,
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