Film Analysis: Wonder Woman

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“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see,” explained Edgar Degas. This is indisputably true about all forms of art. It can be a painting that endows one with a feeling of joy, a sculpture that takes one’s breath away, or a film that makes all shed tears of sadness then of happiness. The art that moves us all begins somewhere in the minds of visionaries, artists and directors. It is a director’s job to craft emotions in a short two-hour window, and often times they are successful and deserve awards and glory for their efforts. One of the greatest among these is the lifetime achievement award. Many directors have created wonderful works and would be worthy of the honor, but there is one director in particular that has taken momentous…show more content…
She uses the other films to create a well-rounded film that allows the discussion of darker themes, like war, with a lighter and more enjoyable tone. The film was an incredible success and was arguably the best female superhero film made. Due to Jenkins portrayal of a strong female being better, more accurate and engaging audience members more. She understood the dimensions needed to give the character a non-objectifying appearance and also the different tones that were necessary to give the movie the depth it has. Her depiction of the hero, Wonder Woman, is powerful yet relatable, letting the audiences become more connected and understand the character better. This is why the film was an excellent representation of female heroes for the…show more content…
Personally, I believe that Patty Jenkins is the greatest director because her success and strength in a predominantly male field. I do not want to pursue a career in the film industry, but rather the science field, which is also male-dominated. I see Patty Jenkins as an inspiration because she never let the inequality and lack of women in the field slow her down or hinder her progress. She created and immensely popular film and in doing so proved women can do the same if not more than men. I desire to have in impact like hers in science and to accomplish breakthroughs and change the world for the better. Jenkins is a fantastic director but also a wonderful example for young women everywhere, like

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