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Introduction Credibility of social media is one of the key factors initiating and further increasing further public engagement and communication effectiveness in the social media. Blogs is one of the social media and chosen to be scoped in this literature, which have been considered to be most pertinent social medium. An effective way to measure blog credibility is hard to achieve without a valid, solid method to insure that measurement. This study has developed and measure blog credibility as well as by the usage of focus groups and a survey. This study also discusses the implications practical aspects of measuring blog credibility (Minjeong, 2010). Recently, it has been suggested that the credibility of the medium of communication influences…show more content…
Medium credibility is the perceived level of credibility that individual users have use a specific medium, such as newspapers, television, the Internet, or blogs (Newhagen & Nass, 1989; Sundar & Nass, 2001). Message credibility is the perceived credibility of the communicated message itself, such as informational quality, accuracy, or currency. Also, source credibility has focused on the expertise or trustworthiness of the source as the likelihood to provide credible information (Armstrong & Nelson, 2005; Berlo, Lemert, & Mertz, 1969; Burgoon & Hale, 1984; Flanagin & Metzger, 2003; Hovland, et al., 1953; McCroskey & Richmond,…show more content…
Nonetheless, it is significant to understand credibility judgments from blog users’ perspectives, as credibility judgments of blogs depend on who is being studied (Johnson & Kaye, 2009). The peer review process in the blogosphere can lead to the increase in the medium credibility of blogs with blog readers think that blogs are credible (Johnson & Kaye, 2004). Furthermore, Internet users consider blogs to be credible because blogs are often independent from mainstream, corporate-controlled media (Andrews, 2003), which can allow bloggers to have an in-depth content, opinionated messages in a transparent manner (Scoble & Israel, 2006). Such transparency is the key factor driving blog readers credibility judgments and audience engagement in blog-mediated contents (Yang & Lim,

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