Blood Bank Case

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(c) A recommendation in order to reduce waiting time is to increase the frequency of transporting blood from the blood bank to the clinic. Currently the porter waits to carry several samples at once, which results in a longer wait at the clinic. Instead, they can increase the times the blood is being transported. More trips to the clinic can be made, bring the newest available set of samples so that the clinic can assist patients more rapidly. Even though this method could reduce the wait time for patients, it could possibly result in an increase of transportation fees like gas and mileage will rise due to more trips being made. The porter and clinic can fixed this by partnering up with other medical locations nearby that are in need of blood…show more content…
As stated above the average waiting time was 2.5 hours, however, there was a standard deviation of two hours. The amount of deviation made it hard for the patients to know exactly how long the procedure would take each time. I would say that courtesy would be the most important quality dimension of the clinic, patients need to be able to know how long the procedure is going to take, however, with the amount of variability there is from procedure to procedure it is sometime very hard to do that, therefore if the nurse is able to meet the patient and explain the situation that would hopefully make the patient understand that in some circumstances the deviation in time is impossible to overcome. Appropriate definitions of quality for the clinic is acting in a fast manner to ensure that the patients are receiving the most efficient and careful care available and at the same time they should emphasize more on courtesy so that the patients felt like they are being cared for. The stress of waiting time would be reduced by educating the patients and make them understand that every possible measure are been tried out ,to give them the efficient service while maintain the highest quality of

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