Blood Bond Ethical Dilemma

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Ethical Dilemma at work vs blood bonds

“You work in the Ethics Department for ABC Company (ABC). Your department is dedicated to advising its employees about their ethical obligations in the corporate setting. All communications you receive in this capacity are confidential. Luke, an employee of ABC, comes to you with the following scenario and asks for your advice. He wants to fully consider the situation. Your task is to advise him on all perspectives on the situation. Below are the facts that Luke provides to you. Luke has been asked to work on a project that involves developing land recently purchased by ABC to build an adult entertainment retail store. According to the plan, the land is located on the corner of the neighborhood
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Luke is split between his company’s ethical policies and the loyalty that holds the two brothers’ bond strong. Should Luke tell his brother about the land acquisition, which can potentially bring home values down in that area? Is Luke ready to release information ABC company holds in high regard? Can Luke divulge company information to family? After all, who will know if he does release the information besides the two of them? Would Owen make use of the information? He is planning on selling a few years from now. So how relevant is the information if Luke decides to share? Should Owen have this knowledge so that he can maximize his profits before it’s widely known that home values may plummet? What kind of ethical dilemma will Owen have if he sells high and the new home owners have a depreciated home values? Buyers beware, so who cares? These are some of the question that come to mind, whenever dealing with ethics, the work place and…show more content…
This may not be a very good policy for Luke. We have to consider that he can be honest with his family, but not completely honest with his employer. Again, there’s the risk of getting fired if he discloses that he has allowed Owen to be aware of the changes that are coming to his community. The “Golden rule stipulates that “treating others as you want to be treated”, stipulates that Luke should do the correct social behavior. Should this only include appeasing the community’s needs before meeting his employer’s wants? Differentiating between the needs of the majority for the wants of the minority attributes to Luke’s
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