Blood Brother Film Analysis

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“Blood Brother” was directed by Steve Hoover and produced by Danny Yourd on October 18, 2013. The lead actors Steve Hoover, and his friend Rocky Brat, a medical volunteer, traveled to India to document Steve Hoovers’ work with children who lived with HIV. This documentary is very inspirational and it has taught me not to be afraid to go for your dreams even if people do not agree. It also taught me that most people’s fears stem from not knowing or being uneducated about HIV. In this documentary the lead actor Rocky Brat traveled to India without any idea of what he was getting himself into. He met a group of HIV positive kids that lived in shelters, and surprisingly enough he enjoyed being with them. Eventually, Rocky left his family in the United States to return to India to give medical care to kids that were HIV positive. His friend Steve Hoover decided to accompany Rocky Brat back to India and film his work. Rocky’s friend Steve eventually started to understand why Rocky made his decision to come back to India; it was his love for the children. Throughout the movie they experienced m people of poverty and how poverty…show more content…
It has also inspired me to take the opportunity to go to different countries and be a part of giving back to the world by volunteering. Someday I want to become a pediatric nurse and possibly work with children with HIV. Throughout the documentary there were many scenes in which I became very emotional, because the children in India do not have as many opportunities for good healthcare as the children in the United States. Blood Brother made me consider joining a medical volunteer program and give back to those less fortunate. Rocky Brat is an inspiration and his caring and willingness to help, motivates me to become a person of the same quality. Whether it is volunteering abroad or in the United States I plan to try to make a difference in the fight to prevent
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