Blood Dialectical Journal

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Blood. That’s all I see as the cold water runs down my back, rinsing out the blood in my hair. I look down at my hands and all I see is more blood. As I turned around to wash off the rest of the blood off, I looked at the light red water swirling around my feet turn to a dark red. The smell of blood was so over powering I could feel my heart thumping, the blood pumping through my veins; I needed more blood. By the time I got out of the shower I could hear Ivan and Pierce talking about the next mission Javier had sent over this morning. When I walked into the kitchen Pierce looked up and smiled, I walked over and gave him a soft kiss the check as a thank you for what he did for me the night before. “Your briefing is in ten minutes, and Javier doesn’t too happy with you,” said Ivan as I grabbed for a strawberry off his plate. “Oh, give me a break! There was nothing I could have done, I did what I needed to in order to save all of our lives. You would have done the same…show more content…
When they got close enough I through the nearest one towards the display of famous pilot helmets. The rest that followed were all through towards the aircraft hanging from the ceiling or had their hearts ripped out. I had just enough time to catch Mark Buffet as he was getting into a black escalade. I wasted no time killing his guards and when I got to him, he was shaking from panic and kept repeating the numbers 7887 and pointing to the brief case. Pierce had caught up to me and was standing by the car door. “Talia, you don’t have to do this. You already killed enough people inside, including your father.” I shook my head towards Pierce, “I had no choice but to kill my father, he was going to hurt you. I can’t leave Mark alive, he’s seen my face.” Pierce reached for the gun on the car floor and said, “Take the brief case and go find Ivan, I’ll take care of this. GO,

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