Blood Diamond And The Constant Gardener Analysis

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The following movies Blood Diamond, and The Constant Gardener both represent the typical stereotype African movies, while the white heroes save Africa and the poor black people are displayed more in the background. In the movie Blood Diamond, the main character Danny Archer is played by Leonardo DiCaprio. He is well known for his outstanding performances in movies and he is an audience magnet. Especially in the movie Blood Diamond where the director Edward Zwick had a whole message behind the movie the choice of DiCaprio attracts way more people to watch the movie, since he is a requested actor. On screen DiCaprio is presented as a South African, with a typical South African accent. His mostly straightforward look characterises him as an aggressive and awaked man, who is constantly planning his next step. He dresses casually in a military green outdoor gear. Archer is an ex-mercenary from Rhodesia (now known as Zimbabwe) and an independent contractor trading in conflict diamonds. His former mentor, Colonel Coetzee, employed him to deliver arms to rebel groups and in exchange he gets the diamonds, which he has to smuggle through the border from Sierra Leone to Liberia. Danny Archer cares for nothing but himself and his needs for the moment. He learned to accept violence as the very nature of humanity. During the movie Danny Archer develops to a loving and more caring person. At the end during his few minutes to live he hands the diamond to Solomon and allows Maddy to
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