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The word gang may make individuals quiver, as gangs are associated with gruesome criminal activities. Formation of gangs and gang violence is a global crisis. Some of the most notorious gangs are located in; Europe, Asia and Africa. However, the majority is located in the Americas, namely; Bloods, Crips, Aryan Brotherhood, and Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), (Rodriguez, 2005). It is said that the rise of gangs in American came after the end of the American Revolution (Howell & Moore, 2010). A Gang is defined as “a group of criminals or hoodlums who band together for mutual protection and profit” (Gang, 2014). It is said that most of the notorious gangs in America were originated in California, this is attributed to the enormous amount of immigrants…show more content…
It is believe that people from these countries migrate because of oppression and poverty. Poverty is known to be a prime factor of gang formation. This paper will focus the blood gang in prison their origin, crime, how they differ from other gang and where are they now. The Blood gang was originated in Los Angeles in the early 1970s as result of oppression from the crips. The formation of The Bloods gang was a mean by which individuals could protect themselves from the Crips (Dunn, 1999). The Bloods, initially named Compton Pirus was established in the area of West Piru Street, which is located within Compton in Los Angeles, it is said to be founded by Sylvester Scott and Vincent Owens (Dunn, 1999). The rise of the name the Bloods came after a massive conflict between Compton crips and Compton Pirus, the Pirus were outnumbered by the Crips and they were massacred (Dunn, 1999). This lead to the union between the Pirus and The Crips other rival gangs, namely; Laurdes Park Hustlers and the LA Brims, also other gangs that were being oppressed by the Crips joined forces with the Pirus, and in the end they came together as…show more content…
Omar Portee was sentenced in 2003 to 50 years in prison for murder conspiracy, credit card fraud and drug selling (The Bloods: in Prison, 2013). Leonard Mackenzie is also is incarcerated in upstate New York (The Bloods: in Prison, 2013). It is said that blood set now lack unity and is each sets for themselves (Austin, 2014). Blood members have also refrained from wearing the Blood gang affiliated colors so as to not draw attention to themselves (Buntin, 2013). Blood gang sets still manage to continue in their business of illegal drug smuggling and all their other various illegal

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