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What significant physical properties of blood determine the shape of a blood drop in flight?

A blood drop, which can be either a single drop or in large volumes, are held together by strong cohesive molecular forces that produces a surface tension within each drop and on the external surface. Surface tension are forces that pulls the surface molecule of liquid toward its interior, and decreases, as the force pulls the surface, causing the liquid to resist penetration. Gravity begins accelerating the drop downward, and the trajectory will take the drop to the floor or ground or whatever other object intervenes in its flight. When drops hit a surface, the resulting stains will have various shapes and sizes, depending on the angle in which,
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The drop will sometimes break, with a more diminutive amount perpetuating onward. The blood that ricochets from the surface will compose its own stain in another area downrange. When this occurs on a wall near a corner, the sodality of the ricochet with the pristine stain conventionally doesn’t present a quandary. If the ricochet hits some distance away, of course, the interpretation is more perplexed. (Forensic Consultant Services. (n.d.).) Projected blood in flight, is a type of stain that has results of a relatively immensely colossal quantity of blood that was flung, or projected, against a surface. The stain results from blood being thrown from a container, or coerced from a hypodermic syringe, or, more commonly in a malefaction scene setting, from arterial bleeding. When arterial bleeding is optically discerned, it generally forms a perpetuating track of "pulsing" stains to betoken the path of the bleeder. This bleeding would, of course, cease with the death of the bleeder. The last physical characteristic would be the Blood on blood, blood in flight, which these stains result from dropped blood, perpetuating to drop into the same area so that the drops hit in pools of blood. When a drop of blood hits a standing pool, a substantial amount of breakup occurs, so that the resulting stain will typically show a number of minutely diminutive drops, each tracing back to the pool from which it came. Such a stain could result from a person standing in one location while blood drops from an open wound. (Forensic Consultant Services.

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