Blood Is Blood Character Analysis

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“Blood is blood” pg 159
In other words Family is Family and she needs to respect that
She can 't choose who her family is but she needs to love and respect them no matter what, even if her family doesn 't respect her
The character of jason is used to clear up some confusing plot points because he tells everything very simply
An example of this is when he very clearly says benjy was castrated
Jason 's thinking is very literal
Caddy is responsible for getting him money and he doesn 't really care where it comes from.
Caddy sends money for quintin but jason is in charge of quintin so the money should therefore go to him "never to keep a scrap of paper bearing a woman 's hand,"
He goes about doing this by cashing the check and therefore getting rid of her handwriting and name while still keeping the money
Another example of his very structured sense of money and worth is when luster wants to go to a show but can 't pay for it so jason burns the ticket instead of just giving it to him
Jason 's logic is seen as more sane than the rest of his family even though he has many problems of his own
He isn 't severely mentally challenged like benjy or hyper irrational like quintin
He is able to live his life relatively normally even though he is greedy and someone hyperlogical
Jason is just as far away from reality as his other brothers
Like quintin he tries to control every aspect of his life and when anything goes wrong he is unable to think logically
Jason 's system of logic
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