Blood Is Blood Character Analysis

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“Blood is blood” pg 159
In other words Family is Family and she needs to respect that
She can 't choose who her family is but she needs to love and respect them no matter what, even if her family doesn 't respect her
The character of jason is used to clear up some confusing plot points because he tells everything very simply
An example of this is when he very clearly says benjy was castrated
Jason 's thinking is very literal
Caddy is responsible for getting him money and he doesn 't really care where it comes from.
Caddy sends money for quintin but jason is in charge of quintin so the money should therefore go to him "never to keep a scrap of paper bearing a woman 's hand,"
He goes about doing this by cashing the check and therefore getting rid of her handwriting and name
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The sheriff feels sorry for miss quentin
This shows that the times of always siding with the man are starting to change
“I’m Jason Compson, see if you can stop me. See if you can elect a man to office that can stop me loves him and that he has power over everyone
Jason doesn 't really seem to believe in god or the concepts of christianity even though he is supposed to be a proper southern boy.
When Jason gets hit the only thing he really cares about and the thing he fixates on is the fact that there is no blood.
I don 't think he wants to see the blood because it reminds him that he is in fact human and reminds him of his family bloodline and the possibility that he could in fact be the end of it ” pg 199.
Jason really believes in his heart that he is the greatest and that he can do no wrong, the part about electing someone talks about how he thinks the entire world
For the first time in his life jason seems just about to give up due to his headache
He is mad because he has been outwitted by the ‘weaker
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