Blood Meridian Or The Evening Redness In The West

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The western genre depicts an era in the United States of America where expansionism and imperialism were at its peak and the people who lived in the west where fighting to keep things as they were and used to be. In the book, Blood Meridian or The Evening Redness in the West (McCarthy, 1985), published in 1985, the violence and brutality depicted by the American frontier can be the film, The Wild Bunch, directed by Sam Peckinpah in 1969. The film seems to be the filmic version of the mythical written version of the book. Both the film and book contain groups of outlaws who quest their way across the west killing anyone who gets in their way, which is the classic take on the stereotypical American myth of the west. Though the plot line may seem…show more content…
Westerns are mostly based on myth than history, and is a conserved as a film and a source of innovation. Most westerns focus on the reconstruction, which examines the important connections between the Western and the tale of expansion, which usually includes economic, geographic, ecological, cultural and violent conquest that is the American frontier myth. One must consider how the Western has evolved over the past century and what this evolution tells us about film, history and culture (Slotkin, 1992). Blood meridian is the story of a kid known as “The Kid” who has no guidance in his life since his father is a drunk and his mother died during child birth. He has no identity and goes on a journey alone, ends up being recruited into the army which he runs away from and hides in the desert with a friend. He then gets arrested and thus beginning the story when he joins a gang. The gang is known as the Glanton gang and their well-known for killing people and bring back their scalps as evidence of their victory (McCarthy,…show more content…
The movie is set between this time near the border in Texas and Mexico. The mentioning of planes by old man Skyes as machine birds that can fly could be assumed to be them talking about the war or a war. Pike Bishop confirms our assumption by stating that "They're going to use them in the war", this helps the audience know the date of the events taking place in the movies and helps the viewer to link that statement with World War One and the Mexican revolution. One could say that the continuous reference to mechanization of the coming war could be the main reference to World War One. The ending of the movie has a sweet-sour effect on the viewer. The men of the wild bunch fail in very aspect, at saving angel along with themselves and to appreciate the significance of the war. But they did attempt to recuse angle to start with which put them on the side of the

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