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The fiction book, Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan, is about how victory is not easy to achieve and sometimes you need sacrifices to gain it and reveals that being victorious in a battle is not as easy as it may seem, but you may eventually need to risk and sacrifice or else you can’t win. In the Blood of Olympus many different protagonist’s go through a variety of ordeals. A few of them are that they must face a person vs person problem that is fighting against gods and giants, a person vs fate which is knowing that one of them are going to die, and a person vs society that is Greeks and Romans fighting over which way the gods can be restored. The person vs society is where Greeks and Romans fight each other. One of the groups of protagonists…show more content…
In the prophecy the second to last line is: An oath to keep a final breath. This means that one person in the seven of the prophecy will die or final breath. Gods reveal this statement as well. In the book Nike yells “Your blood shall be spilled! One of you here-one of you four-is fated to die battling Gaea!” … “I can foresee victories!” Nike yelled. “You will have no success without death! Release me and fight each other! It is better you die here than face what is to come!” (Riordan 128-129). This encounter tells the people on the Argo II that one of the four that went on that quest will perish. Lastly and the most troublesome problem is the person vs person conflict. The two groups have to fight a vast variety gods. They also have to fight gods, but their focus is to overcome Gaea. “The whole earth is my body,” Gaea boomed. “How would you fight the goddess of-” (Riordan 459). This shows that they need to fight something that is huge and is almost impossible to defeat. “I know!” Leo looked like he was made of fire. Flames rippled beneath his skin, illuminating his skull… “I can’t contain the fire much longer. I’ll vaporize her. Don’t worry. But you guys need to leave.” (Riordan 464-465). Leo makes a sacrifice that killed him, but it was fate to destroy Gaea. In conclusion, achieving success will involve taking risks and nevertheless even sacrifice. “You’d have to make the call nobody else is willing to make.” “Or the war would go side sideways.” (Riordan

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