Blood Of The Beast Suspense Analysis

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Would you dare to walk with the beast on the dark side of the moon "(Demetri Daskova). this is a quote by Demetri daskova from the novel Blood of the Beast. The quote arises questions for the such as what he means by the "dark side of the moon", and it creates suspense because the readers want to know what the "beast" he is talking about is. Narration from people in the novels creates suspense for the readers while giving them questions to wonder about.Watson's first person narration of the novel hound of the baskerville does not just create suspense in the novel but also raises questions for the readers to consider. In the novel hound of the baskerville Watson's first-person narration creates intense suspense in the story and raises questions for the readers. In the story Watson and Holmes are trying to solve the mysterious legend of the hound of the Baskervilles, when they hear a terrible scream and they see "It was a prostrate man face downward upon the ground, the head doubled under him at a horrible angle,the shoulders rounded and the body hunched together as if in the act of throwing a somersault. So grotesque was the attitude"(Doyle 287). This narration provided by Watson raises new question for the reader, because we as the reader receive enough information to know what happened to this person but not enough to answer the questions we have. Such as what happened to this person, and what cause this horrible scene. The narration does say "the head doubled" and "so grotesque" . This narration provides the reader with enough information to create an intense suspense…show more content…
As Watson narrates the story of the hound of the baskervilles it always raises new questions for the readers to consider throughout the story while also adding more and more suspense to the story keeping the reader on edge for most of the
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