Blood Simple Editing Analysis

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Creating a suspenseful movie without it becoming boring, or creating a funny movie that’s not full of cheap jokes are both feats in their own right but the Coen brothers were able to combine the two into there one with their knockout debut Blood Simple. Blood Simples editing creates a suspenseful neo noir film that is full of dramatic irony. The audience knows going on behind the scenes but the characters don 't and they keep making the worst choices. The first edit I will look at in the film is when Marty breaks into Rays house and grabs hold of Abby. The editing here is reminiscent of Russian montage editing and creates a panicked feeling in the audience. The second edit I will look at is when ray drives out to a field and buries Ray alive which through the use of editing becomes one of the most suspenseful moments in the movie due to the shorts being much more drawn out. The camera also switches between being at Marty’s perspective and Rays perspective. The final edit…show more content…
The juxtaptions of a slow tracking shot to the montage editing of the altercation is a superb way to add tension to the scene. Additionally, the Coen brothers move the perspective of the camera around a lot and cut between them. They have some of the best shot reverse shot sequences in any films. They don’t bind themselves to just that and move the camera around a lot like the long tracking shots of Ray burying Marty alive. Finally, they are able to add a lot of dramatic irony to scenes by giving the audience more information than the characters have to build tension while keeping the scene easy to follow. The audience knows that the shooter is going to kill Ray and through the use of cutting between the gun and inside the apartment the audience is left on edge until the very end of the move. The Coen were able to make an amazingly tense film with very little budget though their great use of
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