Blood Spatter Research Paper

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The creation of Blood Spatter Analyst has changed the perspective all crime scenes which are intensely solved in a completely new direction. It is the examination of shapes, distribution patterns and location of the bloodstain in order to find the real image which was created in the crime scene. All bloodstains and bloodstain patterns are evaluated by the force they were originally created. ( There has been a vast change and growing environment for the bloodstain spatters as there work now is recognized and appreciated within the law enforcement and the court officials. According to (AUTHOR) Forensic scientist Herbert MacDonell published a book in 1971, called ‘Flight Characteristics of Human…show more content…
Blood contains both slid and liquid form in our body and becomes a jelly like substance once it exits the body. A blood spatter deeply understands the proportion of blood and its various types. An analyst can describe how the blood came out of the body depending on the type of injury which took place. Blood can be looked like a flow, drip, spray, spurt or a gush ( Blood describes its velocity by its stains. There are three different types of bloodstains which are: passive stains, transfer stains and projected stains. These interpret the type of event which took place and elaborates the crime situation which helps in finding a possible description of the event. For example, the type of crime can be specified depending on the pattern and amount of blood present in the crime scene. A gunshot injury can be specified by a mist-like spatter determined by the bullets entering and exiting the body. Stabbing can be confirmed by looking at the linear pattern as less blood is deposited on the instrument used for stabbing. And hitting and beating on a crime scene can be specified by looking at a larger injury which are more likely occurred by a larger object such as a hammer or a bat which create a larger surface area where the blood gets collected and also produces drops of different sizes…show more content…
In a murder case where an 18-year-old, Sarah Johnson was sentenced to life in prison for committing a first degree murder for both her and dad. The case reopened when a retired crime lab technician Michael Howard “testified that whoever shot Diane and Alan Johnson at close range on September 2, 2003, would have been hit by a "rain" of blood spatter” ( Howard came up with his theories proving that, Sarah was not even close in committing those murders and it is a wrongful conviction. Based on blood spatter, Howard disclosed that the shooting which took place was at a very close range and blood would have been all over the assailant, where as there was no blood pattern found on Sarah’s clothes. In fact, the pajama pant, Sarah was wearing on the day of shooting had no trace of her parent’s DNA or blood. According to Howard, being in that kind of shooting environment and get no blood on your body is not possible and lab researchers say that there was no blood on Sarah’s clothes. However, there was DNA found on Sarah’s bathrobe which Howard was unaware of and defense prosecutors in return questioned Howard’s creditability. Howard brought up the issue regarding collecting the evidence and also countered defense by questioning on their integrity on the state’s investigations. Howard’s contributions helped in reopening the case
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