Blood Transfusion Case Study

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Blood serves a vital role in the survival of humans. The importance of blood is seen during situations that demand the transfusion of blood or specific blood components. Surgeries, deliveries and emergency accidents are examples of situations that may demand blood transfusion or hemotherapy.
An adequate supply of blood units is important in blood banks for them to be able to deliver its function. For the past years, blood transfusion has become a common practice within hospitals. History of blood transfusion has placed a very critical role in science, religion and of course medicine. Blood transfusion is considered a gift to patients who are in dire need of blood components because this has saved numerous lives already. As such, the number
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Delayed and acute transfusion reactions were observed in most of the cases and some cases of death. Transfusion-related mortality identified transfusion-related acute lung injury (TRALI) is cited by Vamvakas and Blajchman (2009) as the leading cause of mortality among individuals who went through blood transfusion followed by non-ABO and ABO non hemolytic transfusion reactions and sepsis related to transfusion reaction.
The establishment of factors that cause transfusion reactions have been studied. In the study of Honig and Bove (2003) on Transfusion-Associated Fatalities they found out that 70 cases of fatalities related to transfusion reaction were caused by incompatibility in ABO grouping and clerical confusion. The report on errors in transfusion by Linden and Dressler (2003) pointed on improper patient identification or blood unit prior to transfusion, hospital service error including phlebotomist error as the causes of erroneous
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Interviews with key medical laboratory personnel in hospitals in the nation and in in the province showed occurence of transfusion reactions. Considering the critical role of blood transfusion as remedy in the medical field, it is important to analyze the profile of transfusion reactions in transfused patients and investigate the associated factors. The result of such investigation will contribute to the enhancement of laboratory management particularly in blood banking and ultimately the reassurance for a safe and successful blood
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