Critical Analysis Of Blood Wedding

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How did Federico Garcia Lorca use the setting in Blood Wedding in conveying the themes of the play? The setting of the tragic play is in Andalucía, Spain during 1930s. It mainly inspired by a true story that happened in 1928 in a farming village of Nijar in the Spanish province of Almeria. There was a young woman named Francisca Canada Morales who tried to run away before the wedding commenced with her cousin, Francisco Montes Canada, to escape her wedding with a local man. In the play, the setting is mostly into three parts in three different acts. In the first act, the setting sets in different houses of the tragic characters such as the Bridegroom, the Bride and Leonardo. In the second act, it was the wedding day and the setting…show more content…
Marriage in the course of the play gives way to hamartia of the characters such as the Bride, Bridegroom and Leonardo. Marriage at this time and place had tremendous role in a religious society, therefore making consequences. And so the Bride, who’s destined to be married, adamantly rebels against her parents’ generation mores as a response to her feeling of entrapment due to the limited prospects that a woman had on this sacred matrimony at this place and time. Marriage also was shown importance during the conversation of the Bridegroom’s Mother and their neighbor, contributing to the cause which led to the impending doom of the Leonardo and the Bridegroom. The two are conversing of the marriage between the Bride and Leonardo and say that, “I wish no one knew anything about them, the living one or the dead one. That they were like two thistles, no one noticed, that pricked if anything came near” (p11). This implies how devastating it would be for both of the families, the Bride and the Bridegroom’s families for the spreading of this long forgotten relationship between the Leonardo Felix and the Bride. The Bride’s connection to this leads the Bridegroom’s Mother’s anxiety of her and her fiancée. Marriage has a significant role of the family’s welfare in the long run after marriage which could affect the whole family negatively. The motif of the issue…show more content…
For example, the Bride is given such a role in which she is taught to bake, to cook and to be a wife to her husband. The societies’ opinions to this matter justify the fact that women are weaker than men and so they should be on light jobs. This is supported by the Mother and Mother-in-Law in the play. They believe that women should be constrained on ‘thick walls’ for the rest of their days for their safety as well as to keep their psyches. Due to the societies fixated views on women, contemporarily, movements aroused adamantly forcing the chains entangled on to them out of them. Historically, feminist movements succeeded on their goals to release themselves from the binding chains that limits their capabilities in the society as a productive individual just like
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