Bloodchild By Octavia Butler Summary

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In ecosystem, there are various types of interactions that exist in different organisms. No organism can live in isolation and thus requires others either for food or survival. There is an interaction in which the two organisms are mutually benefited or live entirely dependent on each others. And this is referred to symbiosis. Wheareas, there is another interaction, namely parasitism. It is a one-way relationship in which one of them depends on the other that leads to one benefiting while the other suffering. The parasite depends on the host for food or survival. In most cases, parasitic relationship is similar to slavery because one organism hurts the other. There is a great difficulty in distinguishing whether the relationship between organisms is symbiotic or parasitic ,especially if convenience comes into play. In a famous science fiction-“Bloodchild”, Octavia Butler sets a story in an alien planet-the Preserve. In the story,the human beings-Terrans are needed by the aliens-Tlics for reproducing Tlics’ offsprings. While Terrans need sterile eggs to prolong their life and a living space from Tlics.Although different people have suggested “Bloodchild” is a story of parasitic relationship between Terrans and the Tlics, I…show more content…
Butler does not want to tell a story about slavery. Instead, Butler wants to show that love can be developed when human beings accept a “given” situation. Despite the challenges, human beings can turn any situations to their advantage and survive as seen in the way Terrans co-exist with the Tlics for the survival purpose. They all have to adapt to the situation and live harmoniously with the other species. This should happen in the society in which human beings have to adapt to the threats and challenges that come into our culture.Human beings should accept and understand others that are different from
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