Bloods Vs Crips

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In this paper I will be discussing the means of comparing and contrasting two prominent groups located here in America. These two groups are known as the Bloods and Crips. In result of the gang violence and the continuation of the initiations across the country has led to a vast uprise in crime and homicide since the start of the groups. I will begin this paper by explaining what a “gang” is and its effects on the demographics of its community and the effect it has on society along with the violence that can be caused by the two gangs.

I will then talk about the beginning; the history of these two groups and their relations. Next, I’ll discuss how the two groups are similar and explain the differences in the group outside of
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The Bloods often referred to themselves as the MOB (Member Of Bloods) and also called themselves CK (Crip Killers). On June 5, 1972 Frederick Garrett also known as “Lil Country” was killed by a Westside Crip. This sparked the feuding between the two gangs. By 1978 there were 15 bloods sets, which made the ratio of the bloods and the crips 3 to 1. Nearly half of the sets the crips had at the time. In both sets there were those who stood out the most in the…show more content…
Usually around the age of 16-22, mostly male. These individuals were typically known as the hot heads because of their urge to show their commitment to the gang. It was these individuals in both the Bloods and the Crips that made up of half of the homicides contribute from each gang. As found in both of the gangs, set aside from the foot soldiers was the leader of the foot soldiers. Commonly referred to as the general, or shot caller was the “Big Homie” (Bloods) and the “General” (Crips). These individuals were the head of the sets, those who gave the instructions and order.

Effects on Society

Gang violence is one of the main causes for economic and social issues in the community. This violence can be seen from both sets as they continue to initiate individuals and grow. In the city of Los Angeles there is approximately 400 gangs and over 40,000 gang members. Due to this great number of individuals the effects from gang activity in society can be very vast. Local business and communities also suffer from the activity of the gangs. For example, in a community where there is a gang there are things that com with that gang being in that particular

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