Bloodstained Kisser: A Short Story

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This is how a normal day at the office goes.
*Ring ring ring*
“Hello, this is Roseline June, how may I help you?”
“Good afternoon, I lost my keys, any ideas on where they could possibly be?”
“Look beneath the couch cushions.”
“You are incredible! Thank you, have a stupendous day!”
But October 7, 1998, was definitely not that day.
*Ring ring ring*
“Hello, this is Rosaline June, how may I help you?”
“Oh hey, it’s Esmond. Have you not heard? There has been another murder! The body was marked by the same bloodstained kiss!”
In my head I was thinking, make that seven murders by the Bloodstained Kisser, as Esmond and I called it. But in reply I stated, “we have to get cracking down on the Bloodstained Kisser don’t we?”
He sounded grim. “Yes, I don’t think we have a choice.”
Which leads me here, in 2015, more than 17 years later. I am now a world-renowned detective on my way to a tranquil retirement. That was the first major case I solved. I owe it to my dedicated partner, Esmond. I wouldn’t be here without him.
* * *
I should probably introduce myself. Pardon me for being rude. My name is Rosaline June, but nowadays, people call me the Avenger of the Bloodstained Kisser. I got this name for figuring out who the Bloodstained Kisser was. Though, I hate to brag. I’m more introspective,
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Little did I know that that walk was the biggest clue I would find that day. I like walking through the park near my apartment, so that’s where I headed. I was walking past the sycamore near the middle of the park, when I heard voices that I thought I recognized, but I didn’t want to have to talk to anyone, so I hid in the tree. I climbed up and reached a point where no one would see me just in time to see the back of two people’s heads. They were right under the tree, so it was difficult not to eavesdrop. This is how the conversation
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