Tale Of The Bloody Chamber Analysis

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In Carter’s tale of the bloody chamber, she connects her stories with the common themes of the vulnerability and the lack of strength of feminism. The woman protagonist characters engulfed by masculinity, and basically became that wide-eyed stray puppy in the back alley that we feel bad for. Carter made her female character almost useless in terms of having the understanding of being a human being. It was almost like someone needed to hold her hand or give her directions to follow or else she would somehow burn the whole castle to the ground. What is Carter’s purpose of using these themes in the bloody chamber? I think it is to exaggerate the problems the conventional fairy tales regarding the way women were portrayed.
The bloody chamber is
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Now yes, she was under stress after she discovered she would be killed, however this does not change the fact that she basically self-destructured psychologically when she was making decision by herself. Carter made it so the blind man contributed more to her saving than the protagonist did, and HE IS BLIND. Carter created a sense of the woman needing a masculine figure in order to make any decisions. When she found the chamber, she decided to play the piano to calm down, but when she was with the blind man, they tried to wash the key. I do not think playing the piano will help you come up with an escape plan, but cleaning the key might give you time to think of one. It also weird that she rebelled against the husband’s word in the first place by going into the chamber not knowing the consequence. Then, she chooses not to rebelled when husband told her to get ready for her death knowing of the consequences. Carter wrote the story making the female protagonist blindly obeying the commands of husband, which I think exaggerates the idea that older stories were written where the female had no power and needed a man to have an identity. At the beginning of the story, the main character was piano girl, and that is basically all we knew about her. When she married the husband, now she was castle girl or wealthy girl. Her identity was given to her because of the man she
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