Bloody Mary Legend Essay

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Examining the Legend of Bloody Mary as a Hoax Nikyra Capson Bibliography of Secondary Sources Armin, J.. “Anthropology and the Media.” Current Anthropology 51.2 (2010): 161–161. Web. 16 Mar. 2016. Armin brings up the interesting point that the legend came be seen in other forms in today 's entertainment like in horror films such as the movie The Grudge. In brings in the concept, that as legend evolved other stories may branch off from it under a new name. I feel like making these kinds of connections might bring in an insight to the evolution of the legend and how they can be used to alter people 's behavior on a large scale, such as when used in a movie. Dundes, Alan. “Bloody Mary in the Mirror: A Ritual Reflection of Pre-pubescent…show more content…
Colby explains how over time the legend becomes a tradition “and continue to thrive, to influence thinking, and to shape norms, which, in turn, direct behaviors (207).” They also talked about common traits of legends as they are passed over time and from person to person. Hoax are commonly used to alter someone normal behavior as Colby stated in his article which goes with my analysis of how legends changed over time and depending on the on the text they are given. “The creepy folklore of the infamous Bloody Mary legend.” Green Bay Examiner (WI) 07 Mar. 2013:NewsBank. Web. 16 Mar. 2016. This article gives insight on where the origins of Bloody Mary came from and why they’re are different versions of the legend. It list a few different example of women who could’ve been the base of the story. I think this would help with my thought of how the legend grows and changed depending on who is telling the legend. Modification of research question: In my proposal, I was going to look at a broader range of audiences, and I feel like I need to focus in on pre-teen girls. From my research and my own experience, I’m finding that this is the age that the story starts to be told in a social setting as a game or hoax among friends. Bloody Mary also has a strong correlation with girls and the effects of puberty that happened around the pre-teen
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