Bloody Mary Timeline

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• During this time period, there were a lot of religious conflicts (Bloody Mary)
• Martin Luther posted his
“Ninety-five Thesis” (Bloody Mary)

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• Her parents were Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon (Mary I (1553-1558 AD))
• Her father wanted a son so that he could rule after him (Bloody mary)
• Baptised as a catholic (Bloody Mary)
• She was an only child (Queen Mary
Timeline & Biography)

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• After her brother she could become queen (The British Monarchy)
• Became the first queen regnant (The British Monarchy)
• Started making changes that she thought needed to change (Bloody Mary)
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• Became the first Queen of England (The British Monarchy)
• Wyatt’s Rebellion (Bloody Mary)
• Was able to have a public catholic
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• Become the first ruling queen of England and prove her power over people
• Manipulate the parliament

She was not an absolute ruler because...
• She did not have full power over religion
• Had a weak foreign policy

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• Queen Mary was the first regnant queen of England (The British Monarchy)
• She didn’t want to seem like a weak ruler, so she gave serious consequences to anyone who disobeyed her rules and orders (Mary Tudor Bio)
• Burned 300 protestants (Bloody Mary)
• After her rule, it was common to have a queen rule England (Bloody Mary)

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• She manipulated the parliament which allowed her to reach her main goal; spread catholic religion in the country (Bloody Mary)
• Short term effect
• It was important to manipulate the parliament

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• Queen Mary did not accomplish her main goal proving her lack of power over religion
• Shortly after her death, Catholicism drastically decreased in England - showed how inefficient her plan was
• Thought she made a powerful impression with the death
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