Bloody Mary Tudor Research Paper

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She was a king’s daughter, she was a powerful woman, she was a queen that made a dramatic influence during the 19th century. Mary Tudor was a heartless, ruthless, and careless queen. She was the first reigning queen of England and Ireland. During her five year, reign she burned and persecuted hundreds of people which led to giving her the title, Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary’s persecutions of Protestants and her attempt to make England the same great country it was like when her father, Henry VIII reigned, made a big impact on England. Mary Tudor was born February 18, 1516. Her father was known as King Henry VIII and her mother was known as Catherine of Aragon. Mary was the only child that survived and passed through infancy. Growing up, she was a very bright child and excelled in music and language while being tutored by scholars and her mother. At age nine she was named Princess of Wales and her father tried to establish a marriage for her daughter. Her father became very frustrated by the lack of a male air and decided to get a divorce with Catherine. During her parents annulment, Mary was taken down from the throne due to Henry’s new wife, Anne Boleyn and her fear of Mary challenging her daughter . King Henry VIII was still very upset about the lack of a male heir and decided to re-marry to Jane Seymour, who finally gave birth to a son, Edward. Over the years this angered Mary and caused her to kick out the queen that Edward had previously…show more content…
In her attempt to reform England, she also grew the international trade. All of Mary’s accomplishments were overshadowed by the burning and persecutions of Protestants. Although Mary Tudor ended up being a ruthless queen that had so much grief and pain over trying to have a child, she was a leader that England will never forget. Without Mary’s lengthy and protective reign over England, England would not be the extreme country it is
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